EVO Slideway Oil Universal 68

Slideway oil is produced from high quality base oils and specially selected additives that allows reducing jam-slipping and vibration under conditions of thin-film boundary lubrication, as well as ensures the protection against corrosion, resistance to foaming and fully meets the requirements of machining precision of parts on the modern highly accurate and high-performance machine tools. It is recommended for application as a lubricant for horizontal guidelines of any combination, made of iron, steel and non-metallic materials on machines from small to medium sizes, as well as for use on large machines with circulation liquid lubrication system. It can be also used in hydraulic systems of moderately loaded machine tools. The product is suitable for manual lubrication, forced lubrication or liquid lubrication using circulation system.

20, 200L

ISO 19378 GA & GB
ISO 11158 HG
DIN 51524‐2 HLP
FZG 12
DIN 51517‐3 CLP
AGMA 9005‐E02