EVO Injector System Cleaner

Highly effective product that cleans the entire fuel system including clogged injectors, carburators and valves. Add EVO Injector System Cleaner into the full fuel tank (300 ml treats 90 litres of petrol). The product can be used in petrol engines with direct or  indi¬≠rect injection, as well as carburator. In general, it is recommended to use a bottle of EVO Injector System Cleaner every 4000 km. In case of intensive use of the vehicles (racing/sports), it is recommended to use a bottle every time the petrol is filled up. We advise to pour the EVO Injector System Cleaner in the fuel tank BEFORE refueling with petrol. The product can be used as a curative treatment or preventative if used on a regular basis.

300 ml