EVO DF-X 85W140 GL-5

Gear oil with wide application, made from high quality mineral base oils and an effective additive package, which includes extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-foam additives and viscosity modifiers. EVO DF-X 85W140 GL-5 – is used in manual transmissions of passenger cars, vans, trucks, buses, agricultural and construction machinery. Intended for use in front and rear differentials, drive axles differentials, gear hub of front axle, front axles, in front and rear wheel reducers, transfer boxes, balancers and some steering mechanisms, also when API GL- 5 and appropriate viscosity grade gear oil is recommended. The product is compatible with similar oils from other manufacturers and if necessary can be mixed.

10, 20, 200L


4291586132285, 4291586410260, 4291586410253

ZF TE-ML-05A/07A/17B
CS 3000B
Ford M2C9002-A
Mack GO-G
Scania STO 1:0