EVO FLUSHING OIL is high-quality oil designed for washing oil systems of gasoline and diesel vehicles. Widely used by individual car owners, as well as by mechanics of service stations. It is recommended to use before each motor oil change in the following way:

  • warm up the engine to operating temperature;
  • drain out used motor oil without changing oil filter;
  • pour in EVO FLUSHING OIL and let the engine idle for 15-20 minutes, drain out the liquid, replace oil filter, pour in new oil.
  • EVO ORIGINAL created based on new technology Iron Defence. Due to its special high-performance detergent additives, it is endowed with excellent washer-dispersive properties which ideally remove carbon deposits, mechanical impurities and resinous deposits in engine lubrication system. Increases service life of engine.

    3.5, 20, 200L

    EAN/UPC/ISBN Code:

    4291586229107, 4291586229893