Our plant is equipped with the most modern manufacturing facilities. We guarantee a meticulous quality check of the whole oil manufacturing cycle starting from raw materials and finishing with the delivery of packed canisters. All production sites are equipped with modern laboratory, storage for oil samples and production quality control was certified by the specialists of EVO Lubricants. Each product goes through multiple testing systems including quality tests in real life field situations. We have excluded all possible risk factors to get the best oil for your engine.


01 Sep 2018

Ready for winter? We are glad to announce that the range of EVO Lubricants products has expanded with winter fluids. For you EVO antifreeze concentrates are now available! Choose your right product: EVO Antifreeze G11 Concentrate, EVO Antifreeze G12 Concentrate or EVO Antifreeze GRN Concentrate.

28 Apr 2018

We are glad to announce the gradual switch to the cylindrical designs of 1L canisters for all EVO Lubricants products for passanger cars. This shape is proven to be better suited for every day usage and shall improve the overall satisfaction of clients with our products.